Click here to download a special video flipbook to your fourth-generation iPod or iPod Photo (for information on how to upload it, check your owner's manual or the Help section of your iTunes software).

Once the flipbook is loaded successfully, click on the first photo, then use your finger on the edge of the clickwheel to roll the book forward and back like a video clicker.

Note the yellow arc on the backswing, which follows the arc of the stick. For the front part of the drive, note the length of the red arc, which is also a danger zone.

Click here for a second flipbook for your iPod Photo, which shows the swing from the front, and the positioning of the left shoulder just before a full swing is taken.

If you don't have an iPod, click here or click here to get a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that you can scroll through.

We'd like to thank Virginia Wesleyan alumna Summer Foster for modeling her swing for the project.

NOTE: The Right To Right Is Right program is designed to help players, coaches, and administrators in maintaining a safe and injury-free environment for all field hockey participants. However, participants in any sport should be aware of the inherent risk of injury.