The game of field hockey has been seen as "big in the East, big in California, and a parking lot in the middle."

The day is coming when the sport becomes a true coast-to-coast phenomenon, thanks to innovative development programs outside of the normal scholastic and collegiate team environment.

* Inside the nation's largest invitational high-school field hockey tournament.

* How the Garden State Games has survived all these years.

* Pennsylvania sweeps again at 2006 National Futures Tournament.

* Pennsylvania teams show immense power and talent in 2005 National Futures Tournament.

* Mother Nature the big winner at 2004 National Futures Tournament.

* U-14 division adds to 2003 National Futures Tournament

* Pennsylvania finally breaks through, sweeping the U-16 and U-19 2002 National Futures Tournment.

* Cape May wins its third straight 2001 National Futures Tournament U-19 title.

* New Jersey sweeps the U-16 and U-19 2000 National Futures Tournament titles.

* Goalies were the key in 1999 National Futures Tournament championship victories.

* Ashton Mater Amoris (Md.) not only allows boys to play in its programs, it also practices on turf.

* A profile of Debbie Lowrance, architect of the nation's largest recreational field hockey program in Virginia Beach, Va.

* Barb Martell has been pouring her heart and soul into the New Jersey Women's Sports Association for the better part of two decades, breaking new ground in women's athletics.

* Saturday night in the state of Delaware is Turf Bowl time.