The Schools

Scholastic field hockey is played in less than half the states in America, but the competition is probably the most fierce of any American sport.

1998 stories

* Newtown Council Rock (Pa.) played two of the best programs in the United States within a six-day period. Call it "Council Rock's Excellent Adventure."

* There are field hockey rivalries... and then there is Stafford (Va.) and North Stafford (Va.)

* Meet the toughest field hockey player in America.

* West Long Branch Shore Regional (N.J.) is not the only game in greater Long Branch, N.J. anymore.

* Who says you can't play defense without offside? Just ask Winslow (Maine), Garden City (N.Y.) and Emmaus (Pa.).

* Inside the toughest state tournament draw in the nation: New Jersey's Group II

1999 stories

* Bulletin: Flemington Hunterdon Central (N.J.) replaces a legend

* The Mater Amoris Ocelots benefit from "outside of the box" thinking.

* The Mercer County (N.J.) Tournament was perhaps the country's most unpredictable in-season field hockey tournament.

* Garden City (N.Y.) spins a 32-game shutout streak, shattering the previous record set by a legendary Emmaus (Pa.) team.

2000 stories

* Breast cancer not only affected the lives of a prominent scholastic coach, but the parent of a player and an administrator as their lives intersected at the 2002 National Indoor Tournament

* An appreciation of a fierce scholastic goalkeeper

* The Delaware Turf Bowl has become an annual happening

2001 stories

* What a senior did to earn her way back onto her field hockey team

* The head coach of Wissahickon (Pa.) has unfinished business at an unlikely place

* Inside the attempt to mandate helmets in Massachusetts

2002 stories

* A sniper on the loose in the D.C. metropolitan area has the field hockey community scrambling

* A look at the nation's only charter-school varsity field hockey team

* How a team in New York City dealt with the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks

* On the eve of the one-year anniversary of 9/11, the two teams nearest the Pentagon played their annual derby

2003 stories

* Observing Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) as it broke the national record for games undefeated

* How Marathon, N.Y., a town of 1,100 people, broke the state record for consecutive field hockey wins

2004 stories

* Defense the story as Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) holds off Emmaus (Pa.)

* How technology enabled the Eastern-Emmaus match to happen