The National Team

No matter what colors and teams you play for in your hockey career, there is but one team to aspire to: the Stars and Stripes of Team USA.

* How the "triangle offense" translates from the court to the hockey field

* There was an interesting choice of players from the 1998 national women's "A" Camp.

* A brother and sister make their respective U20 national teams

* For Tracey Larson, making Team USA was an unexpected joy

* Head coach Tracey Belbin's appointment has its own reverberations

* A ballboy's view of the USA U-21 four-nations tournament

* The 1999 Pan-Am Games team: youth shall not be served

* For the United States women, a repechage at Milton Keynes

* The 1999-2000 "A" Camp suddenly has taken on a sense of urgency

* The players are chosen: now the fun begins

* A rough start for Team USA extends its losing streak to nine games

* Streaky Americans turning it around

* Reflections on Milton Keynes and its possible aftermath

* The Team USA you have never heard of

* Twenty years on, feelings among members of the 1980 U.S. women's field hockey team are still strong

* Opportunistic American women seek to make "The Show"

* Player selection for the 2005 Women's Junior World Cup shows that "country" is beginning to win out over "club"

* Podcast: Looking for LeBron (Listen or download)

* Kristen Holmes-Winn did not expect to be suiting up for the U.S. women's national team when she received a call to help out the side in early 2005.