"The Attitude of the Player to His Teammates" (written 1952)

1) You must think of getting along with your teammates, because if you are not well liked, it is easy for them to "freeze you out."

2) Show a desire to block or screen for your teammates so that they will do the same for you.

3) Show your teammates that you will take the good shots. Don't appear too "hungry."

4) Don't hold the ball. Look for men cutting.

5) Dribble with a purpose. Don't just stand there hugging the ball or dribbling aimlessly while your teammates continually cut.

6) Help your teammates on defense. Switch whenever necessary.

7) Don't chide a teammate whose man happens to score. Often, it's the fault of your whole team.

8) Don't be too chummy with one or two players. Avoid obvious cliques.

9) Don't discuss the faults of any teammate with the other members of the team.

10) Don't give the impression that you are always hanging around the coach and discussing your teammates with him, unless, of course, you are the captain and the coach asks your opinion.

11) When scrimmaging, don't loaf or take it easy. This will keep the high respect of your teammates. Remember, "There are no friends on the other team, even in practice."

Arnold "Red" Auerbach