The Game Plan

att: Tiffany L. Bashore, Ewing (N.J.) field hockey coach 1993-96

1. Respect the contest, yourself, and your opponent.

2. Adopt a "winning is third" concept. That is, a commitment first to doing your best, second to team loyalty, and third to the highest total on the scoreboard.

3. Determine to enjoy competition, doing whatever it takes for you and the team to have fun at whatever you are doing.

4. Determine to make each practice and game a learning experience to better understand yourself and others.

5. Understand that regardless of athletic shop talk about sacrifice, discipline, commitment and all the rest, unless it is wrapped in an expressed love for the game and all its participants, this game plan is meaningless "jock talk."

6. The moment you become satisfied with how well you are doing, you start to back off and falter.